ECL-PS8DCB 12VDC Power supply, 8 Channels With Battery Backup

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ECL-PS8DCB: 12VDC Power supply, 8 Channels With Battery Backup

This UL listed wall mount power supply is housed in a metal cabinet. It has eight (8) individually fused outputs and a status LED. The metal cabinet can be locked and has marked knockouts for customization.

Regulated 12V Security Camera Power

This 8-channel DC power supply plugs into a standard  North American 110/120VAC wall outlet. It is designed for permanent installation. Maximum power (current) draw is 4 amps, measured as a sum of all 8 channels. A pot. is available so the user can fine-tune the output  voltage (in a range of 11-14VDC, typical).

ECL-PS8DCB Battery Backup Power

If your location experiences power failures or is prone to interruptions in the power grid, take a look at our battery backup model of this power supply. The power output profile is the same during normal operation, but we've added an internal battery and maintenance charging circuits so you can operate your equipment in the event of a power failure.

(Please note that since it is impossible for us to know the total current draw of your equipment, we can not list the number of hours of power this supply can provide.)

Heavy Duty Power Supply ECL-PS8DCH

If your surveillance network draws a lot of current then consider model ECL-PS8DCH, a high current version of the ECL-PS8DC. The ECL-PS8DCH can supply up to 1 Amp on EACH channel.

  • UL #E316342
  • 8 channels
  • 8 Regulated 12VDC outputs
  • Each output individually fused
  • LED indicator
  • Requires 110/120VAC source
  • Max. current: 4 amps, measured by summing the total current output on each channel
  • Adjustment pot. on board for fine tuning voltage output.
  • Dimensions: 247.65mm x 95.25mm x 206.38mm (9.75" x 3.75" x 8.125")

  • For critical applications ask for ECL-PS8DCB, the same 12VDC power supply with a built-in battery backup system.
    • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 5"

  • For high power situations consider the ECL-PS8DCH, a high current model capable of delivering 1A current (max.) on EACH channel.

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