Security Cameras, DVRs and Access Control Tools!

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Please sign in to view our prices. This is a policy dictated by the manufacturer... Our price points were dramatically lower than the MSRP so we can't show you pricing without your logging in. We don't like it either, but these are the best cameras and dvr's we've seen to date... so we're putting up with it until we can find you better quality cameras. Sorry about that!

We strive to provide you with the highest quality security equipment at a reasonable price point. We've done our research and use the products professionally and personally. We've recommended these products to our family and friends. We feel it's important to stand behind the products we sell. We've been broken into before and because of our camera systems, we were able to find the burglers when the police turned up no finger prints.

This started out as a hobby and turned into a full blown business in the matter of a few years! Please, give us a call. Take time to get to know us and let us help you build and/or design your system.

Confidence is guaranteed. After serving in the United States Navy, we've found that "Loose lips sink ships" is more true than many folks realize. Once you've installed your security system, try not to talk about the inner workings of it's set up. The next best defense after having a security system is the element of surprise.

Here's to hoping you never need to pull a recording from your DVR's! Good luck, please keep us posted.

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